Operation Board Game- Human Biology Display

I created this interactive display based upon the board game 'Operation' to rely information related to human biology on the AQA Biology spec. The display includes information on- 

  • The Eye
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Respiratory System 
  • The Immune System 
  • The Nervouse System
  • The Hormanal System
  • The Blood

I handmade this display from scratch but I have attached scans of everything I have made and everything you need to make this display for yourself. I started by backing the display board with yellow and red paper to make it resemble the board game operation then added the buzzer in the corner. I had drew the man from the board game and made all his components and organs (Lungs, heart, pacemaker, eye, blood vessel, stent, statins, bones, disphragm, pancreas, reflex arc) from coloured cardboard and markers. Again scans of these are attached to save you from having to make these yourself.

  I then created the text and found images to rely information about the organs and components, backed these onto red paper and laminated. All information I have used is related to the AQA GCSE Biology Specification.

I then attached everything to the display board. I velcroed the majority of the components and organs to the operation man to make the display board more interative for students. So students are able to remove the organs and components and replace them where they think they should go. If you don't wish to do this you can just stick the components on with glue or tape. The operation and all organs should be printed out in A3 and all other text should be printed in A4

This display have proved popular with both students and staff, is something a little bit different to your average classroom display and has definitely brightned up the classroom!


Heart- Close up
Lungs- Close up
Stent in Blood Vessel- Close up
Reflex Arc
Arm Bone and Immunity
Display Title
The Eye- Close up
Close up of operation man
Operation Man
Operation Display Full
Blood Vessel- Close up
Heart underneath Lungs- Velcrod in place
Operation Man


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Love this and will use it soon!

Just spotted extra 'r' typo in 'circulatory system'

Thanks for sharing your hard work