Curriculum Tube Map

I was tasked with creating a curriculum map for AQA science and make it look like a London style tube map, so this is what I came up with. It's placed in the science corridor so students can view it and view the routes through the different subjects as well as mapping where they are and where they need to finish by their GCSE exams.

Obviously how you choose to lay it out will depend on the space you have available, but I went through the AQA specification highlighting the key topics that are covered across, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and then tried to link the subjects together, where the topics might match or overlap and I split off some of the triple content to distinguish it. I went through two ittereations on plan before I was happy enough to put it on the wall and used electrical tape to map the different routes.

I then went away and traced over it on the computer to create a computer graphic to share too.


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Very cool idea

Katya Todorova

Thank you for sharing, that look really good!