Year 5 Bloodhound Race for the Line Display

In year 5 we have been taking part in the Bloodhound Race for the Line Project.  We have made our very own prototype race cars out of a block of foam, so that we can race them against other local schools.  It has proved to be a very cross curricular and rewarding learning experience. We have been writing letters for sponsorship in literacy, thinking about team names and logos in art, trying out our engineering skills to look at aerodynamics using wind tunnel apps and in science we have been learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion.  We have used our maths skills to precisely measure and plan out our designs and our technology skills to cut out our cars with a hot wire cutter, then sand them down with sand paper.  Finally we have used our computing skills to program the micro:bit to collect the speed data.

Design limitations (Dendrite Website)


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lots of things - thanks for sharing.

I assume the car is going for the record soon.