Winter (writing display for EYFS)

Our 3D display is under the theme of winter. This display incorperates work from all EYFS pupils (nursery and reception). It shows progression from nursery pupils mark making and drawing recognisable pictures to reception pupils wriitng words and sentnences about the winter. We learnt about the weather and as a result of this started a daily weather chart and we discussed appropriate clothing to wear in the winter. The pupils made snow flakes and wrote about their experiences of winter (we had previously been on a learning walk around the outdoor area to note down changes in temperature, trees and the environment. We carried out an experiement to watch the water to turn to ice and then melt again. We have devised a marking policy that uses visuals in which pupils can mark their own work and identify their own next steps. This has had a positive impact on writing within EYFS.


Subject(s)Creative arts and media, Cross curricular, Science, Outside the classroom, Practical work
Age4-5, 5-7
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