TASC Science and Technology display

This display showcases a yr6 science TASC project that incorporated technology. The children used the TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context) wheel to solve a problem in a real life context. The problem was linked to separating materials and after a visit from LUSH, they were sent a letter. The letter came with a bottle of potion and asked the children if they could find out what should be in the potion after an accident in their lab where they were making their Christmas potion. The children used the TASC wheel to help them solve the problem and the display shows the different ways in which they worked. They have applied their literacy and DCF skills throughout the project in conjunction with science skills and IT skills. The children communicated their findings to LUSH in the form of an iMovie trailer. The display is engaging, creative and clearly showcases the high standard of work that the children achieved throughout this project. 


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