Plastic pollution: how we took action

This display was based on Goals 12 and 14 of the UN’s Sutainable Development Goals. We have been studing this as part of our International Primary Curriculum topic. The board also has links to maths, science and art.

One of my students (on the back of watching Blue Planet 2) was concerned about the amount of plastic we were throwing away at lunchtime as a school.

Our cold option lunch rolls come in a plastic bag and she wondered if there was a better, more sustainable material we could use instead.

She sent a letter to the Head (A) outlining her concerns.

As a class we then worked out how many children, on average, chose the cold option per week and from that then worked out how many plastic bags we used per academic year (B). We drew bar graphs to show how many plastic bags were used at lunch per class (C).

To really show how concerning plastic is in our oceans we decided to create some fish art (D) taking our inspiration from these pieces of art work.

The children spent a long time drawing the scales in detail using pencil. We then painted them using glittery, metallic paint to make the fish look as beautiful as possible. After that they drew over the detailed scales in black fine liner to make them stand out.

Once our art was complete we stapled plastic (E) that the children had been collecting all over the masterpieces they had created to make an impact on the audience.

The board was backed with yellow and blue backing paper and the ‘sea’ at the bottom was created using different shades of blue crepe paper.


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