Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

My Year 5 class have been studying Charlie And The Chocolate Factory this half term to go with our Chocolate topic!

We started by making lollipops using: paper plates, tissue paper, card and straws which were adding to create a falling from the sky and growing from the group effec.

We then made 3D sweets from balloons and cellophane, we hung these in our corridor to create a 3D effect as though you were in the chocolate factory yourself.

We were kindly given parts of a LOT of handmade items from our local library after the Roald Dahl celebrations which we worked together to jazz up and displayed them in our classroom and corridor. (The huge lollipop and 3D chocolate bars)

The banner is from Tesco and shows the magic and wonder of the chocolate factory.

The timelines are based on the history of chocolate (found on twinkl). The art is pop art with striking images of chocolate and we have also got pictures of children from our chocolate themed topic day where they came dressed up in their favourite character (please excuse the scribbles, children's faces!)

We also have our balloons! We made marbled balloons to represent our creative gum flavours! We also have smell-o-vision and have places chocolate and sweet flavoured scents (air fresherners) all around the classroom!

The children feel as though they are in a chocolate factory and the learning is incredible! 


Subject(s)Creative arts and media, Cross curricular, Personal development, Practical work, Science
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