Bodies and Light - Carnovsky

Carnovsky produce images that change depending on the colour of light projected on to them. I decided to use their ideas to create an RGB image board that could be used to teach about light, the body and generally cause a bit of excitement.

Red light shows the skeleton, green light shows the muscles on the body, blue light shows the organs.

Carnovsky images can be easily found through a quick internet search, they are aslo very helpful if you contact their offices in Italy by email.

The LED lights are from amazon:

You could also create the display with cellophane filters that can be moved. I've included a powerpoint to show the images under different filters.



Display under red LED lighting
Display under green LED lighting
Display under blue LED lighting


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Hats off to you sir because this is truly amazing! 


Although you do appear to have a touch of "TooMuchTimeOnYourHands - itus" I would get that checked out straight away if I was you.  Could be nasty.  


Excellent display though!  I will definitely be using this idea myself.