Art & Design - Year 6 Inspired by Kandinsky

 Currently in Year 6 we have been looking at colour and the work of Wassily Kandinsky the Russian artist. Kandinsky believed that true artists could express their inner feelings through lines, shapes and colour. He felt all colours and forms had meaning and carefully planned each painting to express the feelings he wanted to communicate. He did not feel the need to put recognisable objects in his work. We have been inspired by his painting known as 'Squares with concentric rings' and recreated our own versions of his masterpiece. Yet again the children have really explored and engaged in this art topic and produced some beautiful artwork. We explored how colour can portray and emotion and discussed Kandinsky's neurologial disorder meaning he could hear colour. When we initially started this topic many of the children thought this would be an easy task, however it turned out much trickier than they initially thought creating their own versions of the masterpiece.
I used Twinkle for the Kandinsky lettering and photo of him.
We discussed contrasting colours based on our previous learning and as a whole class decided on what material we would use. We decided to use wax crayons and the concentric circles would consist of wax rings, we would each have a A4 sheet of thick paper folded to create 12 equal sqaures. Each square would have a concentric circle and a brusho paint back ground, the wax crayon would resist the brusho. This artwork consisted of 4 weeks of 45 minute art lessons to complete the work. The final result was 60 versions of Concentric Circles. We discuss how the work would be display and decided that it would be effective if we displayed it as one large Kandinsky. The results are below.
Concentric Circles
Kandinsky photo


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