Xinabox Weather Sensing

Good afternoon.

I have been trying out some of these 'boards' that work with the Microbot.

It helped me set up a simple weather station

We are struggling to get 'Logits' working in schools on Windows 8+ so this has been useful

I also like the Monk Makes sensors






Age7-11, 11-14
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Adrian Oldknow

Thanks, Richard.  We are in the process of getting an international project formed for next September using XinaBox sensors and communications with micro:bits (and/or Raspberry Pis).  Very glad to hear from any schools which might be interested intaking part.

Best wishes, Adrian


Hi Adrian, that is great news. I have 2 schools who are interested. Very proactive. My email is when you are ready to link us all. Richard


Hi Adrian, I have made a video of one of the schools today. Hope it gives you a flavour of the work I am doing with XinaBox 


best wishes