Using one Micro:bit to data-log all day long, with no Computer connected

Our small school in Kathmandu wants to enable students to log data, without tying up Computers or Tablets while that is going on.

Currently, MakeCode doesn't do that by itself for a couple of reasons.  1) The "show device console" is not offered unless logging is 'live' with a connected Micro:bit  2) If you take a Micro:bit with data back to the Computer, any code runs again and over-writes the logged data.

So after some emails with Adrian Oldknow, I have managed it relatively simply.  I've tried out the instructions in the attached pdf with a technician who had never used a Micro:bit.  It works.  I am just a beginner and invite improvements!

Dave Gibbs asked me to post this.  It's suitable for beginners.  

I recommend changing the hours value to 0.01 for testing.


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Thank you Dave, datalogging is important and this is a solution I will have a good look at. Thankyou.


You are welcome.  Our Geography Dept have just asked that I adapt it for longer term temperature logging.  I’ll do that and look into the ‘filestore ‘ too.


Whoops! (This does not affect the hex at all, just any 'beta' testing you might want to do...

I made a mistake in the pdf.  The beta is called "filesystem" not file store.

In MakeCode: click "advanced", scroll to "extensions" then in the search bar at the top type "filesystem".