One day introductory workshop for KS2 physical computing

A group of 15 small rural primary schools in West Sussex are collaborating with a local academy to boost their STEM provision.  I have been asked to help with getting micro:bits introdcued to KS2 classes and staff.  We launched with a Monday morning (3 hours) and Thursday afternoon (2 hours) session for the combined Y5/6 class in Northchapel in the first week of April.  The notes are attached in case anyone would be interested in trying out something similar.  


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Thank you so much for these Adrian, these are so well written and will be useful to lots of the schools in Shropshire and Telford. Often I create a dedicated page for a school that they can then use with students and parents. Here is an example 


Adrian Oldknow

That's great to know, Richard - many thanks for the link, and more power to your elbow. A