Climate Change Educational Partnership

A single plant growing in the desert

The Climate Change Educational Partnership (CCEP) will bring together partners from across education, research and the wider STEM sector to support the delivery of climate change related lessons and activities in formal and informal education settings. It aims to enhance educators’ subject knowledge and understanding, so that lessons are based on scientific evidence and increase students’ understanding of the science and implications of climate change. It will provide CPD courses, opportunities for schools to engage with STEM Ambassadors who work within climate change settings and STEM enrichment opportunities such as competitions and challenges.

  • Inspiring Resources

    A range of activities to support you and your school in delivering exciting and inspiring climate change-related activities.

  • CPD

    Book onto our high-impact CPD and bring climate change education into your classroom.

  • Magazine

    The latest edition of Catalyst magazine investigates climate change, exploring some of the issues and solutions.

  • STEM Ambassador support 

    STEM Ambassadors are volunteers that can support your activities in schools and colleges, bringing STEM subjects to life. 
  • Climate Detectives ​
    Identify and investigate a climate problem, and then propose a way to help reduce the problem.