Department for Education additional bursary support

Science bursaries

These bursaries are for eligible schools in the UK and are funded by the Department for Education and Project ENTHUSE. They contribute towards the cost of attending high-impact science CPD at the National STEM Learning Centre in York.

Your bursary will be give you a minimum of £270 per day towards the cost of your CPD, and depending on your school and duration of your course, an additional cash bursary of up to £200 per day. This can be used towards travel, supply cover, science equipment or further local CPD.  All your accommodation and refreshments for CPD at the National STEM Learning Centre, along with your course resources, are also included.

To find out what bursary you are eligible for, register online or sign-in to your STEM Learning account. For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions below, contact us via  email or call us on 01904 326394 (bursary helpline).

The process


Is my school or college eligible?

If you currently work at a state-maintained UK school or college in then you are eligible to receive a science bursary.

If I am eligible, will my bursary be awarded? 

98% of eligible applicants are successful in receiving their bursary. Schools and colleges receive the bursary once the post-CPD paperwork (Impact Toolkit) has been completed – omitting to complete this is the main reason 2% of applicants aren’t successful in receiving their funds, so please prioritise returning your Impact Toolkit.

How much will I get?

The amount you will receive varies depending on your school and the duration of the course. You can find the amount of bursary support you are eligible for on the booking page of each CPD activity.

To find out what bursary you are eligible for, register online or sign-in to your STEM Learning account.

What is the process?

You book on to the CPD and your school or college pays for the course fee and VAT or just the VAT depending on your eligibility. Once you have attended the whole course and have completed your post-CPD paperwork (Impact Toolkit) then your school will receive the bursary for your CPD. Your school or college* may also be able to claim back the VAT.

*Some colleges have varying eligibility for claiming back VAT, please check with your finance department.

What is the Impact Toolkit?

The Impact Toolkit is where you will track your progress and the impact that your CPD has had. This helps both yourself and us track how successful the CPD has been in developing your teaching, your students’ learning, and the effect that has been had upon your school or college.

We use the information from the Impact Toolkit to assess our CPD and how we can improve upon it. We sometimes use information from the Impact Toolkit for marketing purposes. However, any information we use will be anonymised unless we contact you for your permission.

Can I apply for more than one bursary in a year?

As long as you are from a UK state-maintained school or college then you can have unlimited use of the science bursary.

Is there a limit to the number of bursaries that can be given to a school or college?

As long as your school or college is state-maintained and based in the UK then there is no limit to the number of bursaries that they can receive.

How do I apply for the bursary?

28 before your CPD starts, we will send you a form from our Impact toolkit for your intended learning outcomes. Simply submit this and your application is complete.

When will it be awarded? 

Once you have fully completed your CPD and filled out the Impact Toolkit, your bursary will be awarded to you six to eight weeks afterwards.

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