Best Evidence Science Teaching

The best teaching draws on the best evidence.


Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) is a new collection of research-informed teaching and learning resources, focussed initially on science at ages 11-14.


The resources have been developed from the best available research on:

  • sequencing and teaching of key concepts
  • effective formative assessment
  • purposeful practical work


The BEST resources (age 11-14)


Publication of resources

Teaching and learning resources will be added on a topic-by-topic basis throughout 2018 and 2019. The resources are being developed based on careful consideration of the best available research evidence.

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Further information

Read more about the research-informed approaches of BEST


    Effective sequencing and teaching of key concepts to develop pupils’ understanding of the big ideas of science education.

    Coming soon...


    Effective formative assessment to provide evidence of learning, diagnose misunderstandings and inform what happens next.


    Activities that encourage discussion and meta-cognition, to challenge misunderstandings and facilitate progress in understanding.

BEST project development

The resources are being developed by the University of York Science Education Group in collaboration with science teachers, with generous support from the Salters’ Institute.

They are providing online access to the resources in collaboration with STEM Learning to support science teaching at no cost to teachers or schools.


All Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) resources are © University of York Science Education Group. The resources are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) license.