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Planning and assessing an outstanding key stage 3 computing curriculum

Deliver a curriculum that engages students from primary transition onwards, focussing on planning, teaching and assessment.

Computer network

Computer networks

A comprehensive article explaining how computers communicate, what the internet is and what services run on it.

Teaching computing

This free online course will help you to develop the skills you need for success in computing, with advice about planning, teaching and learning, assessment and policy.

Little Big Futures

Cisco Little Big Futures

Explore the Internet of Things and introduce students to upcoming technologies that will soon be part of everyday life.


Secondary and A level computing resources

Deepen your understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum with our range of quality-assured resources.

Algorithms in GCSE computer science participant feedback

Algorithms in GCSE computer science

At GCSE level algorithms become much more complex, moving towards efficient, programmable solutions.

Secondary Computing

Welcome to resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for computing teachers. Join in the discussion with our community group.

Featured Resources

Ready Player One - Introducing EMSL aspects of the curriculum

Note - These lessons use the book 'Ready Player One' as a starting point, teachers will need to obtain a copy of the book before using the content, the school library may have a copy that could be used.This resource consists of a series of lessons looking at various aspects of Ethical, Moral, Social and...
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2010 to date

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Algorithms Exploration

This resource from OCR consists of several hands-on activities to investigate sorting algorithms and to compare complexities. There are also activities to consolidate understanding of Big O notation. A teacher pack and student activity sheet is included, along with sample python programs  supporting the activity...
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2010 to date


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RISC and CISC Architectures

This document compares the Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) approaches. It provides a useful background and can be used as a reference or for producing revision resources.
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2010 to date

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Secondary and A level computing resources

Deepen your understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum with our range of quality-assured resources.



Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Big data – an introduction with PythonCY223

Handling big data sets competently involves developing key skills central to both the computing and mathematics curricula. The task can seem daunting, but this course is designed to make big data accessible, rewarding and appealing. Freely available 'open data' can be easily accessed that provides insights into areas...

Teaching data and data structures for A level computer scienceCY204

This extended and enhanced  practical course is for those seeking to develop their ability to teach GCE computer science, who may have come from a non-specialist background or need to refresh their knowledge. It includes the theory and practice of working with data structures in Python. You will learn to develop...

Introduction to functional programmingCY240

Functional programming requires a different way of thinking and can be challenging to students and their teachers. Led by a CAS Master Teacher and principle lecturer in computing, this CPD will help you understand functional programs. It will also help you teach students to write functional code that other...

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