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Algorithms in GCSE computer science participant feedback

Algorithms in GCSE computer science

At GCSE level algorithms become much more complex, moving towards efficient, programmable solutions.


Exploring the big issues in computing

Moral and ethical issues offer wonderful opportunities to hook learners into lessons.

Computing lesson

Data representation in key stage 3 computing with CAS Tenderfoot

Enhance your computing knowledge, gain a deeper understanding of the subject and discover exciting activities to stimulate your students.

Secondary computing lesson

Python projects

This series of resources supports the teaching and learning of the computer programming language Python.


Algorithms + data structures = programs

Are we focusing more on algorithms and forgetting about data structure when writing computer programs?

Secondary Computing

Welcome to resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for computing teachers. Join in the discussion with our community group.

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Marching Orders - Programming Languages

Computers are usually programmed using a “language,” which is a limited vocabulary of instructions that can be obeyed. This activity gives students some experience with this aspect of programming. The resource begins with a demonstration of the marching order activity followed by the activity itself, together with a...
Publication date:
2000 - 2009

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The Peruvian Coin Flip - Cryptographic Protocols

This activity shows how to accomplish a simple, but nevertheless seemingly impossible task -making a fair random choice by flipping a coin, between two people who don’t necessarily trust each other, and are connected only by a telephone. The resource begins with a detailed explanation of the activity and suggestions...
Publication date:
2000 - 2009

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Shakespeare Comic Book

This four-lesson sequence teaches students to create multimedia for a given purpose. Using digital cameras and special desktop publishing software, students create a comic-book representation of the life of William Shakespeare. They are required to plan and execute the project from the beginning and to evaluate...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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​Secondary computing resources

The best resources for teaching secondary computing.



Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Algorithms in A level computer scienceCY206

"The materials and resources made available will be extremely beneficial" "The material was organised along with useful practical suggestions" "The pace and clarity of the topics were well measured" 2016 participants Algorithms underpin much of A Level computer science. This course develops understanding of the...

Micro:bit in secondary computingCY224

The micro:bit has opened the door, to many, for hands-on computing projects with a difference. Simple-to-use and equipped with a suite of sensing and communications capabilities all programmable in a choice of languages, this low-cost device is becoming a fixture in computing classrooms across the country and beyond...

Mathematics for A level computer scienceCY211

The mathematics of computer science A level is formidable. This course will help teachers, whether they are new to teaching at this level or have a depth of experience, to effectively use tried and tested teaching methods. From the fundamentals of number bases and units of information, through to Boolean algebra,...

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