Internet of Things

Big futures from little projects

While the Internet of Things is happening now, it will be huge when your students enter the workplace.


Network protocols

By looking at rules and procedures in place, students are introduced to communication protocols.


Secondary computing resources

Quality-assured resources to deepen understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum while preparing students for further study.

Teaching computing

A level computer science theory: teaching the tough topics

Be more effective in the classroom and learn how to support your students to maximise exam success.

STEM Ambassador impact on young people

STEM Ambassadors are a national treasure. In this report, we share with you four key lessons we have learned through recent research and evaluation of STEM Ambassador activity.

App development

I love my smartphone

Mobile app development is an engaging way for students to learn programming and interface design.

Secondary Computing

Welcome to resources, professional development, news and opinions specially selected for computing teachers. Join in the discussion with our community group.

Featured Resources

People like me mothers and daughters session

This session aims to help students to make career decisions, as they can think about how they will fit in when choosing their own future directionsThe session highlights which job roles can suit individual personalities – these roles are not restricted to STEM industries but where STEM knowledge is used.
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2010 to date

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Computer Misuse Act and Cyber Crime

This resource contains a Lesson Plan centred on the Computer Misuse Act and the choices students might have to make with respect to the act and peer pressure. It helps make clear to students what activities are considered criminal ones with respect to the act as well as asking them to rank criminal activity online...
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2010 to date

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Pair Programming in a Box

This guide for teachers aims to help them introduce pair-programming to coding in the classroom. This collaborative approach has been found to improve engagement and can result in higher-quality work than programming alone. The guide is aimed at teachers of college students, but the approaches can easily be adapted...
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2010 to date

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Secondary and A level computing resources

Deepen your understanding and knowledge across the computing curriculum with our range of quality-assured resources.



Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Python - practical programming up to A levelCY231

Aim to extend your programming understanding and skill, and to provide teaching ideas and guidance suitable for higher GCSE and A level. This course is suitable for teachers with a solid grounding in Python fundamentals. You will learn to: write modular Python code create and manipulate fundamental and compound data...

GCSE computer science theory - teaching the tough topicsCY239

Some computer science theory is perceived to be hard to learn, and hard to teach. We'll tackle this preconception head on and equip you with powerful ways to help your students reach their highest potential in exams. Experienced and successful lead teachers of computer science will share their tips for teaching:...

A level computer science theory: teaching the tough topicsCY230

Brought to you by successful and experienced computer science teachers, learn how to support your students to achieve exam success at A level. By sharing tried and tested teaching tips from across the computer science curriculum, you will become a more effective classroom teacher tackling the toughest specification...

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