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    The Primary Science Teaching Trust’s (PSTT) vision is to see excellent teaching of science in every primary classroom in the UK.

    PSTT works towards this through: 

    • Primary Science Teacher Awards – recognising and rewarding outstanding primary science teachers
    • the PSTT College – supporting a network of outstanding and award-winning teachers who are shaping primary science for the better
    • clusters – helping schools join together to create sustainable primary science cluster networks
    • collaborators – working with a number of academic institutions and other organisations to research into, inform, enhance and further primary science across the UK
    • international Conferences – celebrating excellence in the teaching and learning of primary science across the world

    STEM Learning and PSTT share a commitment to primary science and its fundamental importance in providing all children with an excellent start to their STEM journey, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    We are committed to working together to:

    • raise the profile of primary science and awareness of the fundamental importance of every child receiving a great primary science experience (and wider STEM education)
    • identify and spread good practice in primary science education, helping primary teachers and schools raise standards in primary science across the UK
    • recognising and celebrating excellence in primary science education

    We do this in a variety of ways including :

    • STEM Learning supporting PSTT’s activities and PSEC conference
    • drawing on PSTT’s College Fellows to support professional development for primary science teaching across STEM Learning’s network
    • sharing each other’s work via our communications channels and networks


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    Our work is only possible because of our partners, supporters and collaborators. If you would like to join them and play a crucial role in improving the lives of the next generation, then we'd love to hear from you.

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