14-16 science resource packages


A selection of hand-picked resources covering all the statements in the Key Stage 4 programmes of study.


Successful practical work



    This guide collects the many helpful hints and ideas which teachers and technicians have found lead to smooth-running and successful practical work.


    A useful tool to stimulate thought about practical activities, their learning objectives, design, presentation and effectiveness.


    An interactive resource to support teachers in improving the quality of learning in practical science sessions.


Online communities

  • Resurrection required

    I have lurking in a cupboard a somewhat ancient Griffon and George Van der Graaf generator.  The motor works but sadly no charge is ever build up on the dome.  The belt is 820...

  • Rocks

    Does anyone know  anywhere to buy very small rock froagments? The "small fragments"  Ive found so far are too big. I need them about 1cm or smaller. we have the bigger pieces...

  • Jolly bulb

    My physics department are thinking of buying a Jolly bulb but before they do so I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has experience using one, are they worth the money, is...