14-16 science resource packages


A selection of hand-picked resources covering all the statements in the Key Stage 4 programmes of study.


Successful practical work



    This guide collects the many helpful hints and ideas which teachers and technicians have found lead to smooth-running and successful practical work.


    A useful tool to stimulate thought about practical activities, their learning objectives, design, presentation and effectiveness.


    An interactive resource to support teachers in improving the quality of learning in practical science sessions.


Online communities

  • DSEAR Assessment

    Following the appointment of external H&S advisers, and appointment of a new H&S assisstant, we have been told that we must undergo a DSEAR (Dangerous Substances...

  • Heavy duty glassware

    Dear all.

    In your experience is it more cost effective to buy heavy duty glassware for students? Do they withstand falls better? Having thicker walls do they take...

  • Electrical circuits solution

    For KS3 - KS5 we use 4mm connectors and leads as we have lots of old unilab meters and 4mm terminal supplies etc. Teachers and students get frustrated with the poor connections...